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Why can’t I order?/When are you going to take orders again?

The shop is currently closed to work on existing orders, ready-to-ship items, and auction items. All openings are announced through Instagram posts or stories. Follow my stories on Instagram for sneak peeks and early shop opening info!


How can I view pricing for custom painted shoes/magic bands?

Pricing can be viewed on when the shop is closed.


Why haven’t I received an answer to my message?

When the shop is closed I keep my focus on my current orders and customers and answer their messages first. Don’t worry, you aren’t being ignored! It may just take longer for a response. You may also be answered by Kristen (@yerawizard_kristen), but don’t worry, she knows what is going on with the shop and you can trust her answers as if they were mine.


Why didn’t you respond to my comment/question on Facebook/Instagram?

I’m sorry! I may have missed it! When I am working on orders I try to keep up with my social media accounts, but sometimes my friends and longtime customers may answer you as well to help me out. ** I also will not answer any questions concerning pricing in public out of respect for my current customers. Sorry for the inconvenience! ** 

Do you draw your designs first?

No, all my painting is freehand.


Can you teach me how to paint?

Unfortunately, no. I am self taught so I believe the best way to learn is to get your hands on as many tools and mediums as possible and experiment as you go. Hands on is the way to go!


Do you have a waiting list?

No. Orders are first come, first serve each time the shop is re-opened. Make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates and posts on re-opening dates- I will always announce an exact time and date ahead of time.


Can I request a design/theme/character for you to paint?

Everything you see on my Instagram/Facebook are current orders I am working on, so I cannot accommodate requests at this time.


Can you give my page/shop a shout out? 

My page is dedicated to my customers, fans, and artwork so unless I am collaborating with another artist or shop I typically don’t do shout outs.



What shoes will you paint on?

Vans Original Classic or Lo Pro Lace-ups

Vans Classic Slip-ons

Skechers Women's Bobs Bliss - Spring Step Casual Flats

Skechers Women’s Bobs Plush - Peace and Love Casual Flats

Tom’s Classic Slip-ons

Keds Champion Slip-ons

**Converse High Tops are available by request. Please keep in mind that not all designs work on Converse.

& Dansko Professional Leather Clogs (clogs are priced differently due to base price of shoe, amount of space available, and different time/techniques required.)


What are your favorite shoes to paint on?

I prefer Vans for their high quality canvas and the Bobs Bliss – Spring Step Casual flats as a seamless alternative to Tom’s Slip-ons.


Will you paint on any brand of shoe?

I choose high quality shoes for my work so that you will get the best out of your artwork.


I already have a pair of shoes. Can I send you them to paint on?

No. I purchase the shoes as part of the overall price.

How much is a pair of shoes?

Price depends on design (amount of artwork/characters), shoe type and size, and amount of time needed for each pair. Please carefully read the descriptions under each shoe listing to see what each Collection offers in terms of design and shoe type.


How much is shipping for shoes?

Shipping within the United States is $20. International shipping is $50 with the exception of Australia and New Zealand which is $65.


What kind of paint do you use?

I don't share my magical secrets or techniques!


Can my shoes get wet? Can I clean them?

Clean your shoes with a damp cloth. I do not suggest placing in the washing machine simply because it is not good for shoes (although I personally wash mine that way haha!). You will receive a care instruction card with your order. Search #TEBWearandTear on Instagram to see how well the shoes wear.


How long does it take to get my shoes? 

Orders can range from 10-12 weeks once your new shoes arrive to me. Shoes are not ordered until payment has cleared.


What if I order the wrong size?

I cannot offer refunds on custom painted items. Please double check shoe size and type before ordering.


Can I reserve my spot in line without paying?

No. Orders will be completed in the order they are received and paid for.

Can I order a pair of shoes that has already been done?

Yes, however it may vary from the original design based on shoe size, type, and human nature. I strive to give each customer a unique pair of shoes so some elements of the design will be changed as well.


Can you paint (insert character here)?

Yes, I have not found a character I cannot replicate. Please see my instagram @theenchantedbrush and @theenchantedbrushafterdark to view my previous work.


Do you only paint character-inspired shoes?

No! I paint anything and everything! Just convo me about your ideas!


Are the shoes for everyday wear?

Of course! You can wear your shoes as often or as little as you would like, however they are definitely made to be worn and shown off!




What is a Magic Band?

Please see the Walt Disney World website for more information:



Where do I custom order a treasure chest/jewelry box?

At this time I am not taking custom orders for the small/medium size boxes. These are pre-painted by me and then periodically auctioned off on my Instagram or listed in the shop as ready-to-ship.


Can I order a custom painted Backpack?

No, backpacks are pre-painted and then listed in the etsy shop as ready-to-ship or auctioned on Instagram. They are not available for custom order.


Can I custom order a painted pendant/brooch?

Hand painted jewelry is only available as ready-to-ship through the Etsy store. I will periodically paint a few pendants and brooches and will announce when they are going to be listed.


How do I find out when auctions are planned?

The only way to find out about auctions is to follow on Instagram. There you will get updates on dates and times for auctions as well as progress pictures on auction items.




Disclaimer: My artwork is in no way endorsed by, affiliated with, authorized, licensed, or in any way connected with, the Walt Disney company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of the above mentioned design suggestions or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. Neither me nor The Enchanted Brush own any characters, trademarks, and all of my artwork is simply my interpretation of the characters and /or are merely inspired by those characters but not actual depictions. 


Can I have any design I want?

Due to the limited space on magic bands, I prefer if you give me a theme and I will design according to the space I have available.


Does the paint wash off/sweat off?

No, it does not. However, it should not be submerged in any water containing chemicals. Chemicals will break down the paint. Avoid any contact with harsh chemicals, including products with alcohol such as hand sanitizer, perfumes/body sprays, and spray-on sunscreens.


I already have a magic band. Can I send it to you to paint?

No. I only paint on brand new magic bands now for best results and to save the time I used to have to wait while magic bands were shipped to me.


Does the paint come off/crack/peel?

No, but it can be scratched and will show signs of wear like any item worn on the wrist for an extended amount of time.


Will the paint interfere with how the magic band works?

No, however I cannot offer refunds for non-working magic bands. This has to do with the manufacturer and is not something I can help with. Please note that once your MagicBand 2 is painted, the center icon (puck) is no longer removable.


Can I use my Magic Band at Disneyland?

No. Magic bands are only for use at WDW at this time.



Can I send you a purse or bag to paint?

No, I supply brand new bags to maintain not only the quality and authenticity of the products used but to also provide the most ideal product condition for customization and painting.


How much does a bag/purse cost?

The cost varies based on the size and type of bag (since the cost of the bag is included in the overall pricing) as well as the detail and amount of artwork to be done.


Why do you only paint on certain brands of purses/bags?

I choose high quality products to ensure the longevity of your custom painted items and have been tested to work well for painting.